Hi there!

My name is Joaquin Marti and I am a Lead Front End engineer and CSS architect. I started to code my first websites in the late 90s as self taught, and I have now about 20 years of experience in web development.

Currently I work as Tech Lead at Hanzo Studio, where I manage the day to day technical team activities, define standards, architecture, processes and cross team collaboration in order to deliver high quality projects. One of my most exciting objectives at Hanzo is helping developers to be aligned on their code decisions by channeling the team ideas and solutions to the every day challenges. I deeply enjoy creating standards and conventions, and improve them over time by consolidating ideas that worked good, discarding the ones which did not and adding new ones to evaluate.

This blog is not a site to find many tutorials (ok, maybe I’ll write a few), but a personal view on web development, architecture setups, approaches and ideas that have worked for me in past when developing or managing teams.

After living a long time in Madrid and Barcelona, now I am based with my family in the beautiful city of Prague, in Czech Republic.

If you have any comment, you think I can help you somehow or you are around Prague and want to take a large Czech beer with me please drop me a line at joaquinmarti@gmail.com and I will be very happy to reply.